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Inferno Field

Designed and built by Arrow Precision, the Inferno has been made to last. The Inferno Field is the most popular field gun in Europe. Built with quality and performance in mind, it is made from carefully selected, corrosion resistant materials and is anodised for durability. It comes bottom-lined as standard, a 10 inch barrel, with other barrels available from all leading manufacturers.

The Inferno is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. No tools are required to field strip and clean it through in less than 30 seconds. This is one tough gun, specifically designed and built for the field operator.

Introduced in 1997, with tens of thousands of units in service around the world, in all weather conditions, the Inferno is the most reliable, lowest maintenance site paintball gun available. When your income depends on reliability and cost of ownership, the Inferno is the only choice.

Available in Black, Silver, Red and Blue.

Black: SEMIA0030N Blue: SEMIA0130N
Sliver: SEMIA3010N Red: SEMIA0230N

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