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<Inferno Mk3>

Based on the original Inferno Field, the Mk3 has been upgraded to give even greater comfort, visual impact and utility, making it the ultimate field marker. Adding a 45 grip and double trigger to the Mk3 has transformed the trigger pull and feel to one of the most comfortable ever. Shortening the body, sculpting the top of it as well as the feed neck has produced the sleekest looking and easiest to clean field Inferno yet.

The redesigned body and cocking pin allows for field stripping without removing the cocking pin from the bolt - an enormous help allowing the cleaning of the barrel, breech and body in one swift action. A new lighter Delirn bolt helps reduce the weight of the internals, further increasing gas efficiency and making this one of the lowest cost field markers to run.

Black: SEMIA3000N
Sliver: SEMIA3010N

Trigger image Double trigger
shoe for
comfort and
trigger pull
Back of Mk3   Back of mk3

The rear of the body is slotted allowing the bolt to be removed without totally removing the cocking pin. Making cleaning the marker easier and bolt misalignment impossible.

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